Igor Mazepa and Boris Lozhkin: a duet of corrupt officials and scammers

Boris Lozhkin: How to Carry Criminal Activities Behind the mask of Philanthropist

Boris Lozhkin: How to Carry Criminal Activities Behind the mask of Philanthropist

Boris Lozhkin: How to Carry Criminal Activities Behind the mask of Philanthropist

Boris Lozhkin and Co: The Path of Corruption at the Pinnacle of Power

How did Boris Lozhkin succeed in taking up the post of the Head of the Presidential Administration? What suspicious activities were noted while UMH media holding’s sale and what is the role of Igor Mazepa? Those are complex questions but you have a chance to get the answers right now.

Boris Lozhkin and His Stellar Career

Both inner corruption and the defensive war against Russia have given rise to a large number of crooked politicians and other criminals (like Igor Mazepa, for example,) that prosper at the cost of Ukrainians. Boris Lozhkin is one of those who used to pass bad money in the shadow of such guises as a media magnate, a Head of the Presidential Administration, and a Secretary of The National Investment Council.

Certification without Degree

Boris Lozhkin managed to become a part of Kharkiv’s crime top and Privatbank’s management that let him found and start promoting the UMH project. To look like an educated man, he even got a degree of Senior Level Managers in the American International Institute for Humanization and Development (Kharkiv’s department). However, this establishment never existed on the territory of the USA.

“Russian Peace” Promoter

UMH Holding’s grow was rapid that’s why Boris Lozhkin managed to grab the Russian media market. Plenty of their newspapers appeared in Ukraine that gave Russians a chance to enforce their “Russian Peace”. At the same time, Lozhkin easily became the Presidential Administration’s Head.

Sweet Elite Couple

Petro Poroshenko noticed young prodigy and his entrepreneurship and they started collaborative “glorious” projects. Soon Boris Lozhkin with the involvement of Igor Mazepa managed to sell UHM over fair market value to the Yanukovich minion Aleksey Kurchenko that gave $160M of Ukrainians’ income.

Truth Came Out

The off-shore scheme didn’t save either Boris Lozhkin or Igor Mazepa and Austrian Tax Police started checking the bargain. They noticed the money’s doubtful origin and managed to prove this fact. However, it’s not the only businessman’s “success”. Not long ago he used to protect Igor Mazepa from justice when the latter promoted his Tyme payment system to use it for illegal transactions in favor of Donbas militants.

Charity as Сover for Frauds

Boris Lozkin couldn’t miss healthcare and founded “Art for Health” that had ties with “Pills”. They collect money to help kind in foreign clinics but in fact, he gave them to those that got the Ministry of Health’s sponsorship. In other words, they put hundreds of thousands dollars in their pockets.

Gambling, real estate, and some other field are also was a point of Lozkin’s criminal interest. Will he pay the price? If considering his friendship with the Ukrainian General Attorney, the answer is obvious.

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