Igor Mazepa and Boris Lozhkin: a duet of corrupt officials and scammers

Boris Lozhkin wants to take part in redistribution of the lottery market

Boris Lozhkin wants to take part in redistribution of the lottery market

How did Igor Mazepa Buy “Dobrobut” for Boris Lozhkin

During the presidency of Petro Poroshenko, a head of Presidential Administration was Boris Lozhkin. Now, he seems to plan to return to the political game. In this article, we are going to discuss the information about possible plants of a well-known politician who is planning to be present at the redistribution of the lottery market and mass media after the elections to the Ukrainian Parliament.

Boris Lozhkin as a Member of the Golos Party

Along with Victor Pinchuk and some influential American shareholders, Boris Lozhkin is a member of the Golos party. It is expected that in the case of the passing of the Golos party to the Ukrainian Parliament, he will get a chance to return to the political game.

There appeared additional information about the lawyer Oleg Makarov from Vasil Kisil party under the number 6 on the list. It seems like Yaroslav Zheleznyak under the number 4, Kira Rudyk under the number 3 and Roma Suprun under the number 28 belong to the group of the substitute of the ex-head of the Presidential Administration under the rule of Poroshenko Alexei Filatov. They were ruled by the former deputy Viktoria Ptashnik belonging to the Self-Help party. Ptashnik’s husband Mamounia worked with Filatov and Makarov in the Vasil Kisil party. Ptashnik herself is running for the Golos party in the majority-minority district No. 223 in Kyiv.

It turns out that Makarov is a man of Filatov and Lozhkin at the same time. As a representative of the Vasil Kisil party, he performed the deal of acquiring the medical network of Dobrobut clinics by the offshore company Raplert Overseas. The company was owned by Boris Lozhkin and Oleg Kalashnikov.

Their partner was Igor Mazepa from the Concord Capital investment group. Igor Mazepa was an employer of Andrei Gerus. Now, the same group is buying the Boris clinic from Mikhail Radutsky. As a result, Mikhail Radutsky is going on a deserved rest which means becoming a newly elected member of the Ukrainian Parliament. He had to be listed in the Servant of the Nation party and may become the head of the Healthcare commission.

Lozhkin’s Cooperation with Kolomoisky

Being an ex-head of the Presidential Administration, Boris Lozhkin wants to take part in the redistribution of the lottery market and mass media in Ukraine. His partner Igor Kolomoisky has a plan to create one group out of two lottery groups UNL and MSL. “Cosmologist” has already become a part of the MSL group.

Today, Lozhkin’s losses are compensated by profitable purchases. He has lost Valentin Reznichenko who served as a governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region. As you might hear, he is a distant relative and manager in Boris Lozhkin’s companies. However, Lozhkin acquired Sergey Kuz’ as the substantive of the Prosecutor General.

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