Igor Mazepa and Boris Lozhkin: a duet of corrupt officials and scammers

How did Igor Mazepa Buy “Dobrobut” for Boris Lozhkin

How did Igor Mazepa Buy “Dobrobut” for Boris Lozhkin

How did Igor Mazepa Buy “Dobrobut” for Boris Lozhkin

The founder of Concorde Capital and current Member of the UkrEximBank’s Supervisory Board Igor Mazepa bought prosperity for himself. More accurately, he bought “Dobrobut” (in translation from Ukrainian means “well-being”, “prosperity” or “wealth”), both literally and figuratively. He provided the purchase of one of the largest networks of the private clinics for the Head of the Presidential Administration Boris Lozhkin on the runaway oligarch Sergey Kurchenko’s dime.

Igor Mazepa announced the bargain in 2014. The purchase was shared with one of the co-owners of the “Luxoptika” company Oleg Kalashnikov. Moreover, Igor Mazepa claimed that his investment company Concorde Capital represented the interests of nobody but bought assets for itself. There was no information about the nuances and cost of the bargain. However, the other market players evaluated “Dobrobut” in 250 million hrivnas at the time of transaction. On the basis of such amount, each of the buyers/partners should have paid 100 million hrivnas.

The agreement on the “Dobrobut’s” purchase by Igor Mazepa has a rather interesting history. The previous owner of the clinics, the co-owner of the “Ukrainian Business Group” Ruslan Demchak had been looking for the investor for his clinics since 2012. The current head of the Presidential Administration and the media holding UMH’s owner Boris Lozhkin also demonstrated an interest in these assets.

Igor Mazepa Bought “Dobrobut”

However, nothing changed in 2012. Boris Lozhkin said “farewell” to his own media business and sold UMH to the Yanukovich’s family oligarch Sergey Kurchenko. Shortly before that, another UMH’s co-owner left the group. It deals with Petro Poroshenko. If speaking of Demchak, he was arrested and charged with money-laundering.

In 2 years, in 2014 the bargain took place with the same team, except for the Head of AP. Victor Pinchuk’s EastOne and Advent International also wondered “Dobrobut”. Judging from the results, they were dislodged by the Igor Mazepa’s managers that were ready to purchase from the very beginning but lacked money.

When UMH was sold to Kurchenko and Lozhkin announced the foundation of the investment company totaling up to $200-300M, the jigsaw puzzle came together. Concorde Capital and Kalashnikov bought out 80% of “Dobrobut” and Demchak got 20%.

This bargain is fake for Igor Mazepa because in 2014, he claimed that lacked money to make his asset management business cost-effective and that’s why gave it up. Then, at that time his assets cost 15.5 million hrivnas and his debts reached 80 million. How could he get 100 million to buy “Dobrodut”? The conclusion that his old friend Boris Lozhkin has facilitated his situation is obvious.

Lozhkin appreciated a conspiracy and the right people got appointments to the senior positions. The former CEO of Concorde Capital Roman Ivaniuk became the Acting Director General of “Ukrspirt” and Roman Nasirov got the position of the Head of the National Fiscal Service.

Demchak became the deputy and the member of the party “Block of Petro Poroshenko”. He took place in the Parliament when had been elected in the District №18 in Vinnytsia region that is native for a President.

His problems started when the deputy from the party “Batkivschina”, the member of the Verkhovna Rada’s Committee on combat organized crime and corruption Vladimir Ariev applied for NSS. In 2012 Demchak was arrested. However, Ariev also sits in the Parliament today but he’s already a member of “Block of Petro Poroshenko” now. So, Demchak and Ariev are comrades now.

Igor Mazepa, with the filing of Boris Lozkin, actually switched Valeria Gontareva and her ICU and became a real President’s “wallet”.

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