Igor Mazepa and Boris Lozhkin: a duet of corrupt officials and scammers

Igor Mazepa – Monopolizing Markets in Ukraine for the Rulers’ Advantage

Igor Mazepa – Monopolizing Markets in Ukraine for the Rulers’ Advantage

Igor Mazepa - Monopolizing Markets in Ukraine for the Rulers’ Advantage


Heidelbergtsement is a secondary organization of HeidelbergCement AG which possesses almost three thousand sand manufacturers and granite miners. It offers cement and other products in sixty nations worldwide. Heidelbergtsement encompasses the three biggest cement manufacturers in three different cities within Ukraine.

Monopolizing markets within Ukraine

Monopolizing the building sector

In 2017, the depletion of German Concern’s Ukraine subsidiary organizations went up to fifteen percent. In February this year, it was reported that HeidelbergCement AG will trade their assets. The buyer of those assets was also revealed and it is Mr. Mazepa.

The professional at the energy sector suggested that Mr. Mazepa makes the place ready for the Ukraine official named Igor Kolomoiskyi’s come back. The energy expert claimed that Kolomoiskyi’s attentiveness on cement manufacturers was brought about by the Vladimir Zelensit’s initial agreement to create concrete highways around Ukraine. Because of this reason, a large amount of manufacturing items are needed and those organizations that construct roads will purchase them on the plants of Kolomoiskyi.

Medication is a Tibbet

This was not the only time when Ukraine permitted Mr.Mazepa’s organizations to gain managing stakes in major Ukraine firms. During the beginning of this year, for instance, there was a possibility of a merger in health centers, Drobrobut and Boris. Drobrobut is owned by Mr. Mazepa’s Investment Company and Kalashniviko who is the co-possessor of ophthalmic shops via Cyprus Organization Satumco Ltd.

It is quite amusing that the associate of Mr. Lozhkin who used to be the leader of the presidential cabinet was the assistant of Mr. Mazepa.

The UAC analyzed Satumco Ltd’s intentions to acquire a large number of Boris’ assets and they did not see anything that was likely to stop them. Apart from that, they felt that the buying of Boris will not encompass controlling or anti-rivalry acts.

But as censor.net stated, Satumco Ltd and UMH gained from secretarial assistance of Cyprus organization Romos Secretarial Limited. For a long time, there have been rumours that Boris Lozhkin offers credit for Kalashikov who is his partner.

Rinat Ahmetov gets Energy market from UAC

This simply implies that the leaders kept on monopolizing the major markets in Ukraine and UAC was okay with it.

Besides that, the leader of the Council sticks to the assumption that a perfect defense is a powerful offense just to defend his acts.

For instance, he refused in a violent manner the things that certain politicians said regarding the monopolization of markets. He actually said that “it was bullshit” after the DTEK team purchased two zonal energy producing organizations in two Ukraine cities. Being the leader of the council, he emphasized that DTEK purchases on those organizations’ energy grids.


UAC continues assisting leaders to acquire managing stakes in the top industries; it forms monopolies and believes that they do not affect competition.

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