Igor Mazepa and Boris Lozhkin: a duet of corrupt officials and scammers

Investment banker Igor Mazepa buys back the assets of HeidelbergCement AG, which left the Ukrainian market

Investment banker Igor Mazepa buys back the assets of HeidelbergCement AG, which left the Ukrainian market

Boris Lozhkin’s and Igor Mazepa’s Scam Activity

Disappearance of a large international company in Ukraine

HeidelbergCement AG is a world-famous cement manufacturing company. It is the second largest manufacturer in the market. Its main office is in Germany.

Not so long ago, unexpected news became known that could bring many losses to the country. Rumors began to appear that the head of this organization, with the support of Igor Mazepa, is going to get rid of its own branch located in Ukraine and sell all of its assets.

Media professionals conducted their own investigation of this information. They found several sources in the market that confirmed the bad news. According to the data, the sale transaction will take place in early 2019.

Pre-planned for March-April. The current CEO and founder of the Concorde Capital investment group, the same Igor Mazepa, agreed to buy a company with a worldwide reputation. It is known to the public that this businessman has a reputation as a “scavenger in business” and is well able to cash in on such transactions. Similarly, a couple of years ago, he managed to send several million dollars into his pocket. Perhaps, if the deal is made precisely with Igor Mazepa, then Ukraine will lose another source of money coming into the state budget.

The management of PrJSC HeidelbergCement Ukraine, which is currently located in the Dnieper, has completely refused to comment on this information. They even refused to confirm the information in the main office of the manufacturer.

It is worth recalling that the HeidelbergCement branch was established in 2001. In particular, the company owns several factories in Ukraine that produce cement. They are located in Amvrosiyivka, Krivoy Rog, Kamensky.

A small reference concerning the influential German company HeidelbergCement:

  • the organization has been operating in Ukraine for almost 20 years and actively supports the Ukrainian economy;
  • HeidelbergCement is not just a cement producer. It is a leader in the manufacture of aggregates, as well as concrete and the very cement intended for the construction industry.

HeidelbergCement operates in 60 countries of the world and delivers its products almost all over the world. It is the owner of 616 production sites supplying high-quality gravel, sand, crushed stone.

It has 159 grinding and cement factories, as well as 112 asphalt enterprises.

It is unlikely that such a company will appear in Ukraine in the near future. Moreover, Igor Mazepa and his ilk are doing everything to ensure that foreign entrepreneurs run away. Filling their own pockets, they leave no chance to anyone.

About Concorde Capital

Concorde Capital is an investment company that was established by well-known businessman Igor Mazepa. For the first time in the country, they heard about it in 2004. Employees of the organization provided all types of brokerage, investment services related to debt restructuring.

Thanks to his shadow activity and manipulation, Igor Mazepa led his company to the top in terms of the number of successful transactions in 2007–2008. The following year, he made the list of the best Ukrainian brokers according to Thomson Reuters Extel. The analytical department consisted of the best professionals in their field who were able to get the maximum benefit from each situation. However, what really happened in the company, no one knew.

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