Igor Mazepa and Boris Lozhkin: a duet of corrupt officials and scammers

Mazepa and His Colleague as a Deceitful Duo Who Have Been Involved in Fraud

Mazepa and His Colleague as a Deceitful Duo Who Have Been Involved in Fraud

Mazepa and His Colleague as a Deceitful Duo Who Have Been Involved in Fraud

Igor Mazepa is well known in the Ukrainian banking sector since he founded the largest investment firm. Boris Lozhkin is also a popular and experienced businessman. During 1994, he formed Telenedelya newspaper and United Media Holdings, the largest communication firm in Ukraine.

Igor Mazepa and Boris Lozhkin scam activities

The Forex Scam

Igor Mazepa created an economic pyramid in which people lost money.

Ukraine has not regulated Forex activities. These activities are illegal and people are likely to lose so much money if they engage in them.

But since people desire to become rich fast, people like Igor Mazepa and Boris Lozhkin decide to deceive and steal from them.

Mazepa assured people that they will gain and benefit so much from forex trading however in the end, the people lost their money.

PrivateFX is the entity which was used to steal money from people. The founder of this company was Igor Mazepa. Many of the clients of PrivateFX came from another similar company named Forex Trend. At Forex Trend, those customers had lost so much money and they were looking for ways to get the money back. So, they taught that PrivateFX was the best solution.

Igor Mazepa assured the customers that they will get the money they lost in Forex Trend. He even assured them that they would receive more than what they lost. The naïve customers decided to invest and some of them even had to take loans to invest in PrivateFX. They were positive about their decision because Igor Mazepa was a famous person who had a good reputation. No one imagined that he would be a scammer.

Mazepa after acquiring a lot of funds illegally, he sold PrivateFX to another legal entity. After that, there was no information about him being the founder of PrivateFX.

The UMH scam by Boris Lozhkin

Boris Lozhkin was involved in a fraud connected to a 500 million dollars sale of his communication firm named United Media Holdings. The firm was bought by Sergei Kurchenko (an official during the reign of Viktor Yanukovych).

Reports also revealed details about the funds gotten for that communication firm from a loan acquired through assets of 50 million dollars. Those assets are rumored to have been acquired by Kurchenko illegally. This simply implies that Boris Lozhkin acquired funds which were acquired illegally.

Those are the terrible scams which Igor Mazepa and Boris Lozhkin have been involved in making them the most corrupt officials in Ukraine.

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